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20th Century Limited
20th Century Limited

20th Century Limited

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Feature: hardcover
Feature: Karl R. Zimmermann
Feature: Andover Junction Publications
Manufacturer Number: 978-0760314227

This is a professional look at one of America's most famous passenger trains.

In the history of American railroading, no train stands taller than the 20th Century Limited, New York Central's famous flagship that plied the 'Water Level Route' between Chicago and New York from 1902 until 1967.

This book tells the complete story of this extraordinary train, from its illustrious beginning in the days of opulent wooden cars through its demise in the era of passenger-train cutbacks. Along the way, this chronicle recounts the Century's operation in multiple sections (as many as seven in one direction) in the 1920s and 30s, when it ran with heavyweight Pullmans, as well the streamline era, ushered in with industrial designer Henry Dreyfuss' elegant train of 1938.

The Century was a train of magnates and movie stars, with a red carpet rolled out for departure from Chicago to New York. With the finest of food in the diner and a full array of amenities: barber, secretary, shower, and maid the 20th Century Limited set the standards against which all other passenger trains would be measured.

More then 200 photographs and illustration, including dozens of black-and-white archival images, and period Color photographs, as well as dinnerware, menus, advertisements, route maps, and interior views provide a dramatic visual account of the most famous of all passenger trains.

Foreword, pp. 9-14;
Ch. 1: Riding the Greatest Train Ever Made, pp. 15-28;
Ch. 2: The Early Years, pp. 29-40;
Ch. 3: Abundant Centuries: The Heavyweight Years, pp. 41-66;
Ch. 4: Henry Dreyfuss' Elegant Streamliner, pp. 67-96;
Ch. 5: The Final Flowering, pp. 97-126;
Ch. 6: The Great Steel Fleet, pp. 127-142;
Ch. 7: Other Fleets: The Competition, pp. 143-150;
Epilogue, pp. 151-155, Index, pg. 156.

Andover Junction Publications, hardcover with dust jacket, 156 pages, 9 x 11 x .75 in., B&W plus Color photographs and illustrations.

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