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25 Freight Car Projects
25 Freight Car Projects

25 Freight Car Projects

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Feature: softcover
Feature: Edited by Randy Rehberg
Feature: Kalmbach Publishing, 2016
Manufacturer Number: 978-1627002783

This book contains all-new materials from a star-studded roster of Model Railroader authors. (Tony Koester, Mont Switzer, Cody Grivno, Jeff Wilson, James McNabb, Keith Kohlmann) In 25 Freight Car Projects, modelers will find a wide variety of modeling techniques and ideas.

With a focus on HO and N scales, this book provides step-by-step photographs and instructions to show readers hot to model a range of freight cars.

25 all-new projects by 6 well-known model railroading authors. Projects for boxcars, flatcars, hoppers, gondolas, and other freight cars.

Weathering with artist's pastels, pp. 4-7;
Patching freight cars with paint pens, pp. 8-10;
Upgrading a Burlington boxcar, pp. 11-14;
Kitbashing a Monon 50-foot PS-1 boxcar, pp. 15-19;
Undecorating a "cheese" boxcar, pp. 20-23;
Modeling a C&NW ex-Rock Island boxcar, pp. 24-27;
Replicating a Soo Line 40-foot boxcar (N scale), pp. 28-31;
Making realistic wood grain doors, pp. 32-35;
Finishing a BN leased boxcar, pp. 36-39;
Weathering a war-emergency hopper, pp. 40-43;
Decorating an ACF covered hopper, pp. 44-47;
Upgrading a basic covered hopper, pp. 48-52;
Modeling an ex-CRR aggregate hopper, pp. 53-56;
Building a Pere Marquette auto frame gondola (N scale), pp. 57-61;
Updating a former Railgon gondola, pp. 62-64;
Building a 3D printed PRR gondola (N scale), pp. 65-68;
Adding a pipe load to a mill gondola, pp. 69-71;
Converting a BN flatcar to a gondola, pp. 72-76;
Building a realistic deck for a NP flatcar, pp. 77-80;
Making lumber loads for a bulkhead flatcar, pp. 81-84;
Adding a grader load to an ITC flatcar, pp. 85-88;
Modernizing a Sioux City wood reefer, pp. 89-91;
Upgrading a Wilson meat reefer, pp. 92-95;
Modeling GN ore cars in gravel service, pp. 96-100;
Placing sheep and cattle in stock cars, pp. 101-103.

Kalmbach Publishing, softcover, 96 pages, 215 Color photographs, 8.25 x 10.75 x .25 in., 215 Color photographs.

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