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A Railroad Life Vol. 1: On the Road with Mike Bednar
A Railroad Life Vol. 1: On the Road with Mike Bednar

A Railroad Life Vol. 1: On the Road with Mike Bednar

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Excellent color reproduction coupled with expert commentary. This is book is 'how it was'.

A Railroad Life: On the Road with Mike Bednar features the first 24 episodes of Mike Bednar's famous railroad stories from TRP Magazine (The Railroad Press), richly illustrated with vintage photography.

This beautiful 128-page hardcover book includes upgraded photos and even more color! Mike describes railroad operations with incredible detail and you'll enjoy his unique personality and wit!

Learn first-hand what it was like to be a railroader in the 1960s, 70s and 80s!

From the Hokendauqua Dispatcher...A Tale of White Elephants, pp. 4-11;
From the Hokendauqua Dispatcher...Pop and the Plank, pp. 12-14;
Hellllloooo Hokendauqua!, pp. 15-16;
Apples and ALCO's, pp. 17-19;
Big Smoke in the Steel Yard - The Grinder, pp. 20-26;
"Towerboy!" or "Where's the Saucer?", pp. 27-30;
Bethlehem Tower, pp. 31-33;
Lehigh Valley's High-hooded ALCO RS-11's, pp. 34-37;
GE's Slippin' in the Rain, pp. 38-41;
The Fleet, pp. 42-45;
Baldwins, Moo Cows and the 5 Pound Bag - Richards Yard, pp. 46-48;
Catty's Hoods, pp. 49-51;
Tiger Paws, pp. 52-55;
Creosote and Honeysuckle, pp. 56-59;
AW-1 The CNJ's Last Hot-Shot Freight in Pennsylvania, pp. 60-73;
The Winter View, pp. 74-77;
An ALCO High! The Mile-a-Minute Local, pp. 78-83;
The Great 1955 Flood, pp. 84-91;
The Fox, pp. 92-99;
Uphill 5 Miles, Both Ways, pp. 100-105;
The Rockies and the Plains, pp. 106-111;
The Shnappy Motor, pp. 112-117;
Ghosts - The "12 O'clock High" Syndrome, pp. 118-123;
Lehigh Valley's Hazelton Man, pp. 124-128.

White River Productions, hardcover, 128 pages, standard portrait book 8 x 10 in., Color photographs and extensive captions.

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