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A Railroad Life Vol. 2: On the Road with Mike Bednar
A Railroad Life Vol. 2: On the Road with Mike Bednar

A Railroad Life Vol. 2: On the Road with Mike Bednar

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This second volume continues with a great railroader and story-teller, Mike Bednar. Yes, there are some pictures of the co-workers, but there is also good color photography of trains and equipment. How relatively bland it is today compared to the colorful paint schemes seen in the Northeast in days gone by. Excellent color reproduction coupled with expert commentary. This is book is 'how it was'.

A Railroad Life: On the Road with Mike Bednar features the another 18 episodes of Mike Bednar's famous railroad stories from TRP Magazine (The Railroad Press), richly illustrated with vintage photography.

This beautiful 128-page hardcover book includes upgraded photos and even more color! Mike describes railroad operations with incredible detail and you'll enjoy his unique personality and wit!

Learn first-hand what it was like to be a railroader in the 1960s, 70s and 80s! The page numbering continues from the first volume.

Salute to the Railroad Wife, pp. 132-135;
In Search of the White Elephants, pp. 136-141;
LV's Hammerhead ALCO RS3, pp. 142-145;
In the Middle of Nowhere, LVRR and CNJ's Penn Haven Junction, pp. 146-151;
Reading and Northern's Cinder Block, pp. 152-155;
Lehigh & Hudson River, pp. 156-161;
Mike Bednar's Surprise Party, pp. 162-169;
Clean-up in Aisle 5! (derailment), pp. 170-175;
Lightning Strikes the Lehigh Valley, pp. 176-187;
Good Bye, Miss Phoebe, pp. 188-197;
Ghost of the Lehigh Valley, pp. 198-203;
Tales of Snow Oil and Icebergs, pp. 204-209;
Classic Black-and-White Photography in the Anthracite Region, pp. 210-221;
Cabins, Crummies and Hacks, pp. 222-227;
The Lehigh Valley's Burly Baldwin Brutes, pp. 228-233;
Conrail's Early Days, pp. 234-241;
The "Koncrete Town", Northhampton, Pennsylvania, pp. 242-256;

The Railroad Press, hardcover, 128 pages, standard portrait book 8 x 10 in., Color photographs and extensive captions.

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