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ALCO's Century Series Vol. 1: Four-Axle Models
ALCO's Century Series Vol. 1: Four-Axle Models

ALCO's Century Series Vol. 1: Four-Axle Models

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Feature: softcover
Feature: Diesel Era with Stephen McMillan
Feature: Withers Publishing, 2003
Manufacturer Number: 978-1881411383

In April 1963, ALCO Products, Inc., introduced the Century line of diesel-electric locomotive models to the North American market. Designed to compete with the latest designs from General Motors and General Electric, initial offerings included the 2,000-horsepower C-420 and 2,400-horsepower C-424. Both models rode on B-B trucks, production of a C-C truck model, designated the C-628, began in late 1963.

But this was to be the last hurrah of what was, at one time in aggregate, the nation's largest locomotive builder. Between 1848 and 1963, the American Locomotive Company (its name was changed to ALCO Products in 1955) and its multiple predecessors built more than 90,000 locomotives. Most of these were steam locomotives, with the builder producing its first successful diesel-electric in 1924. Century production lasted for only five years, as competition from a onetime ally, General Electric, ate away at ALCO's market share. Production of the Century line ended in 1969, although the designs continued to be built in Canada for another six years. In all, 805 C-series and 168 M-series (the Canadian designation for post-1968 production) models were produced.

These distinctive models will be covered in three books. Each book will contain 160 8.5 x 11-inch vertical-format pages and be perfect bound. Each book will feature more than 250 crisp color and black-and-white photographs. The first book will cover the four-axle models, the second will cover the six-axle models, and the third will cover the Canadian M-series models, as well as secondary owners and operators in North America.

Ch. 1: Introduction, pp. 4-7;
Ch. 2: ALCO Four-axle Century Roster (by model), pg. 8;
Ch. 3: ALCO Four-axle Century Roster (by builders date), pg. 9;
Ch. 4: Century 415, pp. 10-23;
Ch. 5: Century 420, pp. 24-65;
Ch. 6: Century 424, pp. 66-99;
Ch. 7: Century 425, pp. 100-127;
Ch. 8: Century 430, pp. 128-144;
Ch. 9: Centuries in Color, pp. 145-168.

Withers Publishing, softcover, 168 pages, standard portrait book 8 x 10 in., B&W and Color photographs, roster.

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