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Airbrushing for Scale Modelers
Airbrushing for Scale Modelers

Airbrushing for Scale Modelers

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Feature: softcover
Feature: Aaron Skinner
Feature: Kalmbach Publishing, 2015
Manufacturer Number: 978-0890249574

In this book, popular author Aaron Skinner provides a comprehensive guide to airbrushing. Inside this indispensable tool, scale modelers will find:

Advice for modeling armor, aircraft, automobiles, figures, ships, and more.
Hundreds of step-by-step photographs.
Practical techniques every scale modeler should know.

Choosing an airbrush, pp. 5-10;
Understanding the basics, pp. 11-16;
Mastering the tool, pp. 17-23;
Masking, pp. 24-28;
Maintenance and troubleshooting, pp. 29-34;
Armor painting basics, pp. 35-42;
Airbrushing single-color aircraft, pp. 43-50;
Post-shading for a dramatic result, pp. 51-54;
Pre-shading monochromatic finishes, pp. 55-58;
Masking straight lines with tape, pp. 59-63;
Painting small scale ships, pp. 64-68;
Achieving perfect gloss for cars, pp. 69-76;
Cutting tape masks, pp. 77-82;
Create soft edges with raised masks, pp. 83-88;
Silly Putty produces sharp camo, pp. 89-95;
Poster putty leaves soft edges, pp. 96-104;
Freehandling camouflage on armor, pp. 105-111;
Mottling a Luftwaffe fighter, pp. 112-117;
Airbrushing big-scale figures, pp. 118-127.

Kalmbach Publishing, softcover, 128 pages, 8.25 x 10.75 x .25 in., 336 Color photographs.

ISBN: 978-0890249574

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