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Amtrak Power In Color Vol. 1
Amtrak Power In Color Vol. 1

Amtrak Power In Color Vol. 1

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Condition: New
Feature: hardcover with jacket
Feature: Stephen M. Timko
Feature: 2013
Manufacturer Number: 978-1582483948

The A, B, Cs of how and why Amtrak was formed and a photo review of its early diesel units as well as modern replacement power. Includes original Amtrak #1 - 499, switchers, road-switchers, E's and F's and more. Part one of a three part series.

Why Amtrak?, pp. 3-4;
SW8, pg. 5;
65-Ton, pg. 6;
45-Ton, pg. 7;
80-Ton, pg. 7;
RS-1, pg. 8;
GP7, pg. 9;
P42DC, pp. 9-40;
RS3/RS3M, pp. 41-42;
F7A, pg. 43;
FP7, pp. 44-47;
F7B, pg. 48;
F3B, pg. 48;
GP40-TC, pg. 49;
GP40-PH, pp. 49-51;
E8A, pp. 52-76;
F40PH, pg. 77;
F40PHR, pp. 77-107;
FL9, pp. 108-115;
SW1, pp. 116-117;
E8B, pp. 118-123;
E9A, pp. 118-123;
E9B, pg. 124;
F59PH, pg. 125;
F59PHI, pp. 125-128.

Hardcover with jacket, 128 pages, standard portrait size, Color images with captions.

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