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Amtrak's Auto-Train
Amtrak's Auto-Train

Amtrak's Auto-Train

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Feature: Doug Riddell
Feature: RF&P Historical Society, 2019

This title is about Amtrak's Auto Train as a follow-up to the previous title by the same author, Auto-Train: The Planning, Formation, Demise and Ultimate Resurrection.

This is another well-researched title by Doug Riddell on the history of this service under the operation of Amtrak. The book doesn't have formal chapters, but headings which discuss Amtrak's efforts to revive the service and current operations. There is a lot of text, as opposed to the Auto-Train in Color book published by Morning Sun Books. Included though are many photographs of the equipment both inside and out, employees in their uniforms, operations, stations, cars and locomotives.

There are just a few B&W photographs, about 98% of the photographs are in Color. There are equipment floor diagrams and a roster section at the back of the book. Much of the equipment was upgraded with more modern (Superliner and new Tri-Level auto carriers) passenger cars.

Introduction, Dedication, Acknowledgments, Foreword, pp. 1-12;
The Only Way to Go, pp. 13-24; A Bargain-Basement Price for a Railroad, pp. 25-26;
Deja-Vu All Over Again, pp. 27-32;
What's Old is New Again, pp. 33-36;
Rolling the Dice, pp. 37-40;
Labor Pains: Plan B, pp. 41-48;
Broken Promises, pp. 49-51;
Give It a Whirl, pp. 52-70;
Ready, Set..., pp. 71-95;
...Go, pp. 96-105;
Crunch'n the Numbers, pp. 106-107;
April 18, 2002, Crescent City, Florida: We're on the Ground, pp. 108-114;
The Only Constant is Change, pp. 115-125;
You Can Go Home Again and Employee Pictorial, pp. 126-135;
Pictorial, pp. 136-159;
Equipment, pp. 160-192.

RF&P Historical Society, hardcover, 192 pages, standard 8 X 10 portrait book, over 150 color and b&w photographs and illustrations including timetable, maps and brochures.

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