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Army-Navy WWII Aircraft Set No. 1
Army-Navy WWII Aircraft Set No. 1

Army-Navy WWII Aircraft No. 1 Paint Set of 6 bottles

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Stock Number: tcpS10604
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Condition: Airbrush-ready formula, dries to glossy finish ready for decals.

This paint set includes these colors:

ANA 606 Semi-Matte Deep Blue-Black, ANA 608 Intermediate Blue, ANA 610 Sky Green, ANA 613 Olive Drab (US Army Air Force only), ANA 616 Sand North Africa (US Army Air Force only), ANA-623 Deep Blue-Black, 

Some notes about Tru-Color Paint:

If Arizona Hobbies website shows a color out-of-stock, please backorder it and it will ship within 1-2 weeks.

Tru-Color Thinner works for both Airbrush-ready and Paintbrush-ready formulas.

Because the bottles are plastic, some solvent may have escaped through evaporation. Fill the bottle with thinner to just below the neck and that should be the correct amount of solvent to pigment. Of course experiment to see what works best for you.

Arizona Hobbies website will not allow the choice of Media Mail for orders that include non-Media items such as paint. Media Mail is only for books, videos, maps and other printed matter. Priority or First Class mail must be used if ordering non-Media and Media items together. The paint bottles don't weigh much and often if paint is purchased on a separate order from Media, total shipping costs can be reduced.

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