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Automotive and Metallic Colors

On the prototype, in basic form, the solid paint is a single application of the color, followed by a lacquer coat (called a clear coat) above it to protect the paint from chips, scratches and the weather. The lacquer coat is what provides the high-gloss finish. Tru-Color Paint's high-gloss automotive paints dry to a shiny, polished appearance for that showroom look.

Tru-Color Paint's metallic paints are effectively the same as solid paints, only with a small quantity of pigment/particles added to give the appearance of the powdered metal added to the prototype paint. The metal particles in the paint pick up and reflect more incident light than with basic paint colors, which can give the prototype a much more appealing shine than with solid colors.

Prototype pearlescent also known as pearl coat paints replace the metal particles with ceramic crystals (often called "mica") that don't just reflect light but refract it too, splitting it into different colors by allowing some light in and slowing it down as it passes through. This gives the paint not just a sparkle, but a deep color that can vary depending on how you look at it, making for interesting effects where the car's bodywork creases or changes direction.

Poly paint refers to "polychromatic" paint. This was an original metallic paint which was used beginning in the in 1930's. Tru-Color Paint stays with the original names of the paint colors used by the manufacturers.

Whether the scale modeler stays true to the prototype or wants a custom paint job, the quality and selection of Tru-Color's automotive paints will make your model stand out from so many others. With Arizona Hobbies' discount prices and inexpensive shipping, we are a winning combination.

2 ounce bottles are special order only as most modelers purchase the 1 ounce bottles in the automotive line.