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Central Illinois Rails Vol. 2: 1950s to 1970s
Central Illinois Rails Vol. 2: 1950s to 1970s

Central Illinois Rails Vol. 2: 1950s to 1970s

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Feature: hardcover
Feature: Richard R. Wallin and J. David Ingles
Feature: Four Ways West, 2014
Manufacturer Number: 978-1885614950

Following up their Central Illinois Rails Volume 1, well-know authors and photographers J. David Ingles and R. R. 'Dick' Wallin have again raided their extensive color-slide files for this 144-page Volume, which boasts over 400 color photographs and includes diesels from over 30 railroads.

Extending their coverage to Galesburg, Illinois for more CB&Q and Santa Fe scenes, and adding two Photo Galleries of Cabooses and Small-Town depots, the authors cover the broad expanse across central Illinois from just west of the Illinois River to the Indiana border. Most images are from the 'classic' 1960s; some are from the 1970s, and a few are from the late '40s, '50s, and early '80s. Passenger trains of 15 railroads - including motorcar 'doodlebugs' of 4 railroads, a unique B&O RDC excursion, and early 1970s Amtrak trains - are included.

First-generation diesels again predominate, but steam of 7 locomotive types is seen on 5 Class 1 roads and an industrial pike. Also featured 1940s and 1950s action views and shop scenes of Illinois Terminal electrics. Also included is a two-page map of the region.

Amtrak, pp. 6-14;
AT&SF, pp. 15-25;
Baltimore & Ohio, pp. 26-31;
Chicago & Illinois Midland, pp. 32-41;
Chicago & North Western, pp. 42-44;
CB&Q / Burlington Northern, pp. 45-57;
Gulf, Mobile & Ohio, pp. 58-69;
Illinois Central, pp. 70-83;
Illinois Terminal, pp. 84-97;
Minneapolis & St. Louis, pp. 98-101;
New York Central / Peoria & Eastern, pp. 102-104;
Nickel Plate Road, pp. 105-106;
Penn Central, pp. 107-109;
Peoria & Pekin Union, pp. 110-111;
Rock Island, pp. 112-113;
Toledo, Peoria & Western, pp. 114-119;
Wabash / Norfolk & Western, pp. 120-133;
Short Lines, pp. 134-135;
Caboose Gallery, pp. 136-137;
Small Town Depot Gallery, pp. 138-142;
Index, pg. 143;
Central Illinois Rails Map, back end sheet.

Four Ways West, hardcover, 144 pages, standard portrait book 8 x 10 in., all color photographs.

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