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Chicago & North Western E-unit Finale

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Feature: softcover
Feature: South Platte Press, 2017
Feature: Bruce C. Nelson
Manufacturer Number: 978-0990876748

Chicago & North Western E Unit Finale: A Technical Study of ex-C&NW E8 Units in Chicago Commuter Service, 1980-1993.

For 14 years, a small fleet of Chicago & North Western E8 series of passenger locomotives served on the Chicago area commuter rail system now known as Metra. The author, who earlier wrote The 400 Club, has extensively researched how C&NW's last E units were acquired by Metra and decorated in its image.

Details are provided on the Es in regular Metra service, plus how some were temporarily assigned to East Coast commuter runs, railfan excursions and as lead units on Amtrak detours. Mechanical details and disposition of the fleet are also covered. The surviving E units are now owned by Union Pacific, several Midwest regionals and museums.

Includes a unit timeline of in service and paint schemes. Most photographs of the locomotives show the Metra paint scheme.

Prologue, Introduction, Foreword, pp. 2-8;
Retrospective, pp. 9-12;
Regional Transportation Authority, pp. 13-18;
New Locomotives, pp. 19-20;
Names and Numbers, pp. 21-24;
Details, pp. 25-30;
Northeast Illinois Regional Commuter Railroad Corp., pp. 31-32;
An RTA E8 Ride on the C&NW, pp. 33-38;
Metra, pp. 39-50;
The DMSX Trains, pp. 51-54;
Off-Line Adventures, pp. 55-58;
Long Island Railroad Service, pp. 59-62;
F7 Sidebar, pp. 63-64;
Epilogue: Scrapped and Preserved, pp. 65-67;
C&NW 48 diagrams circa 1955, pp. 68-69;
RTA E-unit diagrams circa 1989, pp. 70-71;
Photo Roster and Milestones, pp. 72-77;
Acknowledgements, pg. 78;
Index, About the Author, pp. 79-80.

Come learn the story of their Chicago commuter years! This title is a limited printing, so order early!

South Platte Press, 80 pages, standard landscape book 10 x 8 in., 90 color illustrations, equipment diagrams, suburban territory map, photograph index.

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