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Chili Line: The Narrow Rail Trail to Santa Fe
Chili Line: The Narrow Rail Trail to Santa Fe

Chili Line: The Narrow Rail Trail to Santa Fe

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Feature: hardcover
Feature: John A. Gjevre
Feature: Agassiz Publications, 2008, Third Edition
Manufacturer Number: 0010R9J2W

This edition has a high-quality binding and cloth cover. There is no dust jacket as the author did not want to incur the additional cost on this final edition.

This third revised and enlarged edition of the Chili Line, Rio Grande's narrow gauge line to Santa Fe, New Mexico includes 12 Ted Rose watercolors and 2 Howard Fogg paintings.

This narrow gauge route was operated by the Rio Grande from the 1880s to 1941. With true stories from several eras and over 100 photographs make life along the Rio Grande in northern New Mexico come alive again today.

11 maps plus station plans as well as plans of early station layouts are included. Timetables from various eras in addition to old advertisements capture the flavor of the area served by the Denver & Rio Grande narrow gauge route.

Introduction, pp. 2-10;
Ch. 1: Sowing the Seeds of the Chili Line, pp. 11-19;
Ch. 2: Operations in the Land of Slow Time, pp. 20-25;
Ch. 3: Santa Fe, pp. 26-40;
Ch. 4: Edith Warner and the Otowi Station, pp. 41-47;
Ch. 5: Espanola and Environs, pp. 48-61;
Ch. 6: The Embudo Community, pp. 62-75;
Ch. 7: Taos Waited for the Trains that Never Came, pp. 76-84;
Ch. 8: The Chili Line played a minor role in the double tracking the Santa Fe Railway, pp. 85-87;
Ch. 9: Antonito, Palmilla, NoAgua and Tres Piedras the northern reaches of a long-gone Chili Line, pp. 88-100;
Ch. 10: An Early Ride on the Chili Line, pp. 101-102;
Ch. 11: Narrow Gauge to Santa Fe, pp. 103-107;
Ch. 12: La Madera and the Hallack and Howard Lumber Company, pp. 108-115;
Ch. 13: Chili Line Cools as its Fires Fade, pp. 116-117;
Ch. 14: Ninita, pp. 118-124;
Acknowledgments, Station Layouts, pp. 125-128.

Agassiz Publications, cloth hardcover, 128 pages, standard portrait book 8 x 10 in., 21 pages in color including Ted Rose and Howard Fogg illustrations, maps and diagrams.

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