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  6. Colorado Rail Annual No. 31: Colorado Railroad Water Tanks
Colorado Rail Annual Rail Annual No. 31: Colorado Railroad Water Tanks
Colorado Rail Annual Rail Annual No. 31: Colorado Railroad Water Tanks

Colorado Rail Annual No. 31: Colorado Railroad Water Tanks

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Feature: Colorado Railroad Museum, 2013
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Colorado Railroad Water Tanks is a historical tour of the water tanks of Colorado's steam railroad era. Steam locomotives required a large quantity of water to generate the required amount of steam for motive power. Colorado railroads operated over six hundred tanks located along the approximately 6,000 miles of track. The six hundred tanks and their locations are listed in an index and documented with construction dates, sizes, water sources and pumping equipment, when the information is available.

The process and history of bringing water from its source to the locomotive's tender is explained and illustrated. Included are 289 pages with over 260 color and black & white photographs (about 95% B&W), maps and illustrations of tanks and water equipment! Drawings, illustrations, maps and photographs in digital form are also included on a CD. Tanks that still remain are listed and located with GPS data for those wishing to visit these reminders of Colorado's railroad past.

PART 1: History
Tenders and Tanks, pp. 10-22;
Wells, Windmills and Other Equipment, pp. 23-42;
PART 2: Tank Locations, Railroads and Index, pp. 43-59;
PART 3: Water Service Locations
Union Pacific, pp. 60-99;
Denver & Rio Grande, pp. 100-161;
Rio Grande Southern, pp. 162-167;
Santa Fe, pp. 168-186;
Colorado Midland, pp. 187-199;
Colorado & Southern (including DSS&P), pp. 200-229;
Missouri Pacific, pp. 230-233;
Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific, pp. 234-236;
Moffat Route, pp. 237-248;
Other Railroads, pp. 249-270;
Surviving Water Tanks, pp. 271-283;
Glossary, Bibliography, pp. 284-290;
Media on CD.

Colorado Railroad Museum, hardcover with dust jacket, 290 pages, 8.5 x 11 x .75 inch, data and drawings, CD inside back cover.

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