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Colorado Railroad Ice Houses
Colorado Railroad Ice Houses

Colorado Railroad Ice Houses

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Feature: softcover
Feature: William L. Reich
Feature: Colorado Railroad Museum, 2010
Manufacturer Number: 978-0918654625

Ice houses were a new concept when the country's railroads finally began to use them to replenish the ice necessary to keep their customers' perishable items from spoiling in transit. Railroads were reluctant users of refrigerated cars in the first place, but large shippers such as meat packers, breweries, and produce suppliers demanded they use this method to ship perishable goods. In Colorado Ice Houses the author uses photographs, drawings and maps to skillfully explore this unique subject.

Colorado Railroad Ice Houses, pp. 5-37;
List of Ice Houses, pp. 38-40;
Folio Sheets of Railroad Reefers (reefer car diagrams both standard and narrow gauge), pp. 41-43;
Bibliography, pg. 44.

Colorado Railroad Museum, softcover, 44 pages, standard portrait book 8 x 10 in., over 60 B&W images, 1 color page of Rio Grande reefers at the CRA.

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