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Command Control for Toy Trains, Second Edition
Command Control for Toy Trains, Second Edition

Command Control for Toy Trains, Second Edition

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Feature: softcover
Feature: Neil Besougloff and Carl Swanson
Feature: Kalmbach Publishing
Manufacturer Number: 978-0890247525

Features Lionel's Legacy and MTH's DCS Systems.

With this book you will understand how command control works, select the best system for your layout, connect transformers and system components, operated trains and accessories with a handheld controller, run multiple locomotives at the same time and use DCS and TMCC on the same layout.

Newly revised, this edition includes the latest tips for operating Lionel's Legacy Control System, MTH's Digital Command System (DCS), and Lionel's earlier TrainMaster Command Control (TMCC). Written by former Classic Toy Trains editor Neil Besougloff and revised by current CTT editor Carl Swanson, the book shows you how to incorporate the latest technology into your layout.

Introducing Command Control:
Command Control History, pp. 5-7;
Command Control Basics, pp. 8-13;
The Right System for You, pp. 14-16;

Lionel Legacy and TMCC Systems:
System Components, pp. 17-22;
TMCC-equipped Locomotives, pp. 23-26;
Adding TMCC to Your Layout, pp. 27-33;
Operating TMCC Locomotives, pp. 34-41;
Conventional Control, pp. 42-44;
Advanced Operation, pp. 45-55;
Converting Locomotives, pp. 56-59;
Additional Answers, pp. 60-62;

MTH Digital Control System:
DCS Components, pp. 63-68;
ProtoSound 2.0 Locomotives, pp. 69-72;
Putting DCS on Your Layout, pp. 73-77;
Operating DCS Locomotives, pp. 78-85;
Conventional Control, pp. 86-88;
Advanced Operation, pp. 89-92;
Running TMCC Locomotives, pp. 93-95;
Additional Answers, pp. 96-98;

Glossary, Index, About the Author, pp. 99-103.

Kalmbach Publishing, softcover, 104 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 x .25 in., Color and B&W photographs and illustrations.

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