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Conrail The Final Years: 1992-1997
Conrail The Final Years: 1992-1997

Conrail The Final Years: 1992-1997

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Feature: hardcover
Feature: Paul K. Withers
Feature: Withers Publishing, 1997
Manufacturer Number: 978-1881411154

Second Printing: Includes Conrail SD70s and SD70MAC's.

Focused. If one word describes Conrail during its last five years of existence as an independent railroad, it is probably that one. After years of sorting out and blending the priorities and assets of its bankrupt predecessors and later overhauling and streamlining the system in an attempt to make itself profitable, Conrail became a credible common carrier during the late 1980s.

How did this emphasis on profitability affect Conrail's locomotive fleet' The fleet has become one of the youngest in the industry, and the aggregate horsepower of the fleet has risen substantially. With the continued system rationalization and the shedding of yards, secondary and branch-line operations, Models typically assigned to yard switching, transfer work, local service and hump pushers were thinned out. In more than 600 photographs-action views and roster portraits-this book offers an exhaustive pictorial documentation of all 37 classes of locomotives that Conrail operated during its final 5 years of existence. Includes a color photo section.

Introduction, pp. 2-6;
SD80MACs: Motive Power for the 21st Century, pp. 7-12;
EMD Road Freight Units, pp. 13-80;
GE Road Freight Units, pp. 81-144;
EMD and GE Road Switcher Units, pp. 145-172;
EMD Yard Switchers, pp. 173-185;
MT Units and Passenger Units, pp. 186-200;
Juniata-built SD70s and SD70MACs, pp. 201-216;
Appendix A: Conrail Lease Fleet, pp. 217-219;
Appendix B: SD40 Disposition, pp. 220-221;
Appendix C: Conrail Graduates, pp. 222-223;
Condensed Locomotive Roster, pg. 224.

Withers Publishing, hardcover with jacket, 224 pages, standard portrait book 8 x 10 in., B&W and Color photographs, roster.

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