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DFW Aircraft of WWI
DFW Aircraft of WWI

DFW Aircraft of WWI

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Aeronaut Books
Aeronaut Books

This book describes and illustrates all DFW aircraft of WWI with text, 430 photographs, 45 color profiles plus 11 pages of factory colors, production quantities and serial numbers of aircraft, and aircraft dimensions and performance specifications. In addition, 11 aircraft are illustrated by 1/48 scale drawings.

Of particular note, the little-known DFW C.I, C.II, and C.IV are shown in unit service for the first time supported by scale drawings and color profiles.

Deutsche Flugzeug-Werke, pp. 1-8;
Early DFW Aircraft, pp. 9-41;
DFW B-Types, pp. 42-71;
DFW C-Types, pp. 72-201;
DFW Fighters, pp. 202-212;
DFW-R Planes, 213-242;
DFW Aircraft in Retrospect, pg. 243
Bibliography, pg. 244;
Index, pg. 245;
Scale Drawings, pp. 246-276;
Afterword, pp. 278-286.

Aeronaut Books, softcover, 286 pages, standard portrait book 8 x 10 in., B&W photographs and color illustrations, line drawings.

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