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Feature: softcover
Feature: Jack Grasso
Feature: Railroad Avenue Enterprises, 1999
Manufacturer Number: 0006RSJQ4

The Erie Railroad played a pioneering role in developing and utilizing the self-propelled motor car, both reciprocating steam and spark ignition engines. This book covers the equipment employed by the Erie Railroad from the 1890s until their demise in 1951.

Foreword and Introduction, pp. 4-6;
The Rail Car Era on the Erie, pp. 7-9;
The Infant Gas Cars, pp. 10-11;
The Motor Car Matures in the Jazz Age, pp. 12-19;
Rail Motor Cars get a New Deal, pp. 20-25;
From Prewar to Postwar, pp. 26-47;
Riding to the End of the Line, pp. 48-53;
Diamondbug Rat Pack, pp. 54-61;
Roster, pg. 62;
Additional 5000 Information, pg. 63;
Bibliography, pg. 64.

Railroad Avenue Enterprises, softcover, 64 pages, standard portrait book 8 x 10 in., B&W photographs.

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