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Diesel Theory: Principles Explained
Diesel Theory: Principles Explained

Diesel Theory: Principles Explained

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Feature: softcover
Feature: Railway Educational Bureau
Feature: Simmons-Boardman Books, 2007
Manufacturer Number: 003FFR52I

Have you ever wondered about the history and development of the diesel engine' Do you need an easy-to-understand book, showing the workings of the diesel engine'

This book is a must for anyone needing to understand the following:

- Two-stroke and four-stroke engine cycles
- Engine construction and timing
- Fuel injection, air induction, lubricating oil, and engine cooling systems
- How to calculate diesel engine power
- Principles of ignition and combustion of fuel
- And much more!

Ch. 1: History and Development of the Diesel, pp. 1-10;
Ch. 2: Mechanical Power, pp. 11-14;
Ch. 3: Comparing Four-Stroke-Cycle and Two-Stroke-Cycle Engines, pp. 15-28;
Ch. 4: Forces in the Engine Cylinder, pp. 29-34;
Ch. 5: Production of Power, pp. 35-36;
Ch. 6: Calculating Diesel Engine Power, pp. 37-42;
Ch. 7: Comparing Different Engines, pp. 43-50;
Ch. 8: Engine Construction, pp. 51-56;
Ch. 9: Engine Timing, pp. 57-68;
Ch. 10: Principles of Ignition and Combustion of Fuel Within the Engine Cylinder, pp. 69-76;
Ch. 11: Fuel Injection Systems, pp. 77-84;
Ch. 12: Air Induction Systems, pp. 85-96;
Ch. 13: Lubricating Oil Systems, pp. 97-102;
Ch. 14: Engine Cooling Systems, pp. 103-106;
Ch. 15: Speed Control, 107-112;
Glossary, pp. 113-131.

The Railway Educational Bureau, spiral bound, 140 pages, 6 x 9 x .5 in., B&W illustrations.

Publisher: Simmons-Boardman Books

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