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Diesels of the Milwaukee Road Vol. 1
Diesels of the Milwaukee Road Vol. 1

Diesels of the Milwaukee Road Vol. 1

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Feature: hardcover
Feature: J. Michael Gruber
Feature: Withers Publishing, 2010
Manufacturer Number: 978-1881411598

While there have been many books on this subject, none have covered the Milwaukee Road diesel fleet in the detail and number of photographs presented in these two 268 page, 8.5 x 11 inch, vertical-format hardcover books. Withers Publishing has scoured the country, reviewing the negative and slide collections, to bring the best B&W and color diesel locomotive photographs to the Milwaukee Road enthusiast to be found between two covers.

Volume 1 will cover the following: ALCO Switchers HH600, HH660, HH900, S-2, S-4; Baldwin Switchers VO660, VO1000, DS4-4-1000, S-12; EMD Switchers SW1, NW2, SW7, SW9, SW1200, TR2, TR4, MP15AC; Fairbanks-Morse Switchers H10-44, H12-44; Miscellaneous builders 44-tonners, 90-tonners.

Early four-axle Road-Switchers: ALCO RS-1, RS-2, RS-3, RS-12; EMD GP9; Fairbanks-Morse H16-44.

Early Six-axle Road-Switchers: ALCO RSC-2, RSC-2.5, RSD-5; Baldwin AS-616; EMD SD7, SD9; Fairbanks-Morse H16-66.

Late Four-axle Road-Switchers: EMD GP30, GP35, GP40, GP38-2; General Electric U25B, U28B, U30C, U23B.

Data for each locomotive includes: Road Number(s); Date(s) Renumbered; Builder's Number; Builder's Date; In-Service Date; Date Retired; Disposition/Remarks.

Withers Publishing, hardcover, 268 pages, standard portrait book 8 x 10 in., B&W and Color photographs and illustrations.

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