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Diesels of the Union Pacific: The Classic Era Vol. 1
Diesels of the Union Pacific: The Classic Era Vol. 1

Diesels of the Union Pacific: The Classic Era Vol. 1

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This Volume is the first of several that will document the history of Union Pacific's fleet of diesel and turbine locomotives, from 1934 to today's roster. Although the current roster has been covered in two earlier works, the six-decade period that leads up to today can be split into two distinct eras. The first, the Classic Era, covers in two Volumes the unit-by-unit roster from 1934, with the arrival of the first Streamliners, to 1982, when Union Pacific embarked on the first of its major mergers. Follow-on Volumes will cover the Merger Era, from 1982 through UPs acquisition of the C&NW, to the 1996 merger with Southern Pacific.

Classic Era Volume One covers the roster up to and including all of the 900-series passenger locomotives. Included between the two Volumes is a full chronology of the development of Union Pacifics diesel locomotive fleet, and a listing of all locomotive models and their quantities up to 1982, including retirements and dispositions to that date.

A History of Union Pacific Dieselization, pp. 5-45;
Locomotive Roster, pg. 46;
Motive Power Summary, pp. 47-142;
Streamliners and Cities Passenger-train Motive Power 1934 to 1946, pp. 143-160;
Passenger-train Motive Power August 1946 to March 1948, pp. 161-173;
Jointly Owned Passenger Power, March 1948 to December 1948, pp. 174-177;
Passenger-train Motive Power During and After 1948, pp. 178-203;
Appendix A: Locomotive Model Quantities in the Classic Era 1934-1982, pp. 204-207;
Appendix B: Chronology of Motive Power 1934-1982, by Year, pp. 208-221;
Additional Reading, pp. 222-224.

Withers Publishing, hardcover with jacket, 224 pages, standard portrait book 8 x 10 in., B&W photographs, bibliography and index.

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