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Dragon Steel: The ALCO Action Album
Dragon Steel: The ALCO Action Album

Dragon Steel: The ALCO Action Album

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Feature: hardcover
Feature: Andy Romano
Feature: Four Ways West, 2000
Manufacturer Number: 978-1885614391

There never lived an ALCO Diesel that liked to stay tuned up, so goes the old saying. The RS-series, with its husky 244 or 251 engine idling, makes sounds befitting a fire-breathing dragon. Notched-out, it rattles and thumps, exuding dark, oily smoke as turbo blades try to catch up with combustion chambers. Slithering through the early morning California smog, or hauling ore through the echoing rock of Utah, the sound is reminiscent of some supernatural creature.

While the photographs in this Volume are grouped by the familiar marketing names of the various model lines designed and built over the years, the author has made no attempt to cover every railroad which ever owned an ALCO-though you will find most models. Over 200 Color photographs, covering virtually every ALCO model, including more than 90 railroads.

Ch. 1: Dragons, pp. 5-10;
Ch. 2: Early RS Series, pp. 11-46;
Ch. 3: Notched-Noses, pp. 47-64;
Ch. 4: Century Series, pp. 65-92;
Ch. 5: Switchers, pp. 93-106;
Ch. 6: Montreal Locomotives Works and Export, pp. 107-110;
Ch. 7: Cab Units, pp. 111-118;
Ch. 8: Oddballs, pp. 119-124;
Ch. 9: Bicentennials, pp. 125-128.

Four Ways West Publications, hardcover, 128 pages, standard portrait book 8 x 10 in., Color photographs; bicentennial roster.

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