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Electric Railways Around San Francisco Bay Vol. 2

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Feature: softcover
Feature: Donald Duke
Feature: Golden West Books, 2000, Second Printing 2003
Manufacturer Number: 978-0870951169

This volume presents a historical and pictorial survey of the electric railways operating around San Francisco Bay from World War II to the present time. This Volume concludes the story with the Market Street Railway being presented, in addition to the Municipal Railway of San Francisco, the San Francisco, Napa & Calistoga, the Northwestern Pacific, the Petaluma & Santa Rosa, and the southern end of the Sacramento Northern. Not forgotten is the Shipyard Railway built and operated during World War II.

Introduction, pp. 77-78;
Market Street Railway, pp. 79-89;
Municipal Railway of San Francisco, pp. 90-112;
Northwestern Pacific Railroad, pp. 113-120;
Petaluma & Santa Rosa, pp. 121-126;
Sacramento Northern Railway, pp. 127-140;
San Francisco, Napa & Calistoga Railroad, pp. 141-146;
Shipyard Railway, pp. 147-151;
acknowledgments, pg. 152;
Bibliography, pg. 153.

Golden West Books, softcover, 80 pages, standard landscape book 10 x 8 in., B&W photographs and maps.

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