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Fairbanks-Morse Locomotives In Color
Fairbanks-Morse Locomotives In Color

Fairbanks-Morse Locomotives In Color

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Feature: Jim Boyd
Feature: 1996
Manufacturer Number: 978-1878887634

By the late 1930s Fairbanks-Morse & Company had developed a unique and efficient opposed-piston diesel engine which would be ideal for locomotives. The looming Second World War intervened, and F-Ms diesels were immediately applied to the U.S. Navy submarine fleet. It wasn't until August 1944 that F-M finally got its OP engine into a locomotive, a 1000-h.p. switcher for the Milwaukee Road. From that date until March 1963 F-M and its Canadian subsidiary turned out 1460 locomotives, ranging from switchers to 2400-h.p. passenger cab units and the decade-ahead-of-its-time six-motor Train Master.

This book describes every original purchaser of F-M locomotives and illustrates nearly every model of those owners, from short lines switchers and Train Masters in commuter service to freight cab units in the Canadian Rockies and chopped-nose Road-Switchers in Mexico - all in full color and context action. These units have all but vanished from the American railroad scene, but this book captures their glory years.

Hardcover with jacket, 128 pages, standard portrait size, Color images with captions.

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