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First Class to Our Nation's Capitol: Liberty Limited and Capitol Limited

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This book is a history of these two trains that competed in the Chicago to Washington, DC market in the era of the great passenger trains. As many of the historical photographs were taken in the era before color photography, most of the images in the book are in Black-and-White. But, advertising items that were printed in color are reproduced in color. There is also a color section in the back of the book featuring equipment and company promotional photographs. Trains consists, timetables, an outline of plans to combine the two trains to save money and many other tables and notes complete the book.

Beginning in 1925, the Pennsylvania Railroad and the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad stepped up their train amenities to capture luxury service patrons traveling between Washington, D.C. and Chicago. Their competition soon became a war that lasted 32 years, through the Great Depression, Word War II, and the heady Postwar period.

This book captures this story of the two railroads' optimism and final resignation to changing market demographics. Author Frank Wrabel tells the story of this glorious fight.

About the Author, Dedication, Acknowledgments, Foreword, Introduction, pp. 4-11;
Birth of Two Legends, pp. 12-14;
B&O's New York Access, pp. 15-19;
Dinner in the Diner, pp. 20-26;
Chicago Stations, pg. 27;
New Equipment, pp. 27-42;
LIBERTY LIMITED Diner Rotations, Late 1920s, pg. 43;
PRR in Baltimore, pp. 43;
Challenge and Triumph, pp. 44-50;
Technological Improvements, 51-62;
1935 PRR Report, pp. 63-64;
B&O Locomotive and Passenger Car Experiments, pg. 65;
New York Central Ups the Ante, pp. 65-90;
Transcontinental Cars, pp. 91-95;
Postwar Re-Equipping, pp. 96-100;
1948 B&O Report, pp. 101-107;
PRR's Downhill Slide, pg. 108;
1954 PRR Proposal, Joint Service with B&O, pp. 108-137;
POTUS Trains, pg. 138;
CAPITOL LIMITED'S Increased Competition, pp. 138-149;
Classy to the End (color photo section), pp. 150-161;
Appendix 1: LIBERTY LIMITED Chronology, pg. 162;
Appendix 2: CAPITOL LIMITED Chronology, pp. 163-164;
Appendix 3: LIBERTY LIMITED Consists, pp. 165-174;
Appendix 4: CAPITOL LIMITED Consists, pp. 175-185;
Bibliography, pg. 186.

Hardbound, 186 pages, 375 photographs and illustrations, many in Color.

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