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Getting Started in Model Railroading
Getting Started in Model Railroading

Getting Started in Model Railroading

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Model Railroader Essential Series by Kalmbach Publishing.

Model railroading is an easier hobby to join than ever before. This new book by Jeff Wilson helps modelers get started with the basics. It provides enough information for beginners to confidently build a layout, and it equips them with the knowledge to understand all the steps.

It includes extensive chapters on modeling in HO and N scales. Essential insights on buying models, building models, and starting a layout. Information about current trends and technology like ready-to-run models and Digital Command Control.

Basics of model railroading, pp. 4-13;
Layouts and track plans, pp. 14-20;
All about HO Scale, pp. 21-27;
Introduction to N Scale, pp. 28-33;
Building models, pp 34-40;
Locomotives and freight cars, pp. 41-52;
Benchwork, the base of you layout, pp. 53-62;
Track and roadbed, pp. 63-73;
Control and wiring, pp. 74-84;
Basic scenery, pp. 85-95;
Model Railroading suppliers, pg. 96;

Kalmbach Publishing, softcover, 96 pages, 8.25 x 10.75 x .25 in., 255 Color photographs.

ISBN: 978-1627002677

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