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Great Lakes Trolleys In Color
Great Lakes Trolleys In Color

Great Lakes Trolleys In Color

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Condition: New
Feature: hardcover with jacket
Feature: Robert Halperin
Feature: 2004
Manufacturer Number: 978-1582480909

Enjoy a city-by-city tour around the Great Lakes in the 1940s and 50s as seen through the camera of noted traction photographer Eugene Van Dusen. Buffalo, Rochester, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee, Fort William, London, Toronto and other towns are toured when trolleys ruled the day.

Rochester, NY, pp. 4-5;
City of St. Catharine's, pp. 6-13;
Buffalo, NY, pp. 14-17;
Niagara Junction, pg. 18;
Jamestown, Westfield & North Western, pp. 19-22;
East Erie Commercial, pg. 21;
Columbia Chemical, pg. 21;
Cleveland, OH, pp. 22-37;
Ohio Public Service, pg. 38;
Lake Shore Electric, pg. 38-40;
Toledo, OH, pp. 41-43;
Detroit, pp. 44-55;
Michigan Railway, pg. 56;
Northern Indiana Railway, pg. 56;
Chicago, South Shore & South Bend, pp. 57-63;
Gary, Indiana, pp. 63-64;
Chicago, pp. 64-96;
Milwaukee, pp. 97-107;
Minneapolis (MTM), pg. 108;
Duluth, pg. 108;
Sudbury, pg. 108;
Ft. William & Port Arthur, pp. 109-110;
Lake Erie & Northern, pg. 111;
London & Port Stanley, pp. 112-113;
Hamilton, ON, pp. 114-115;
Canada Crushed Stone, pg. 116;
Dundas, ON, pg. 116;
Toronto, pp. 117-127;
Cornwall, ON, pg. 128.

Hardcover with jacket, 128 pages, standard portrait size, Color images with captions.

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