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Great Northern Railway Postwar Transcontinental Passenger Trains
Great Northern Railway Postwar Transcontinental Passenger Trains

Great Northern Railway Postwar Transcontinental Passenger Trains

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John F. Strauss, Jr.

Four Ways West Publications, 2017


This volume covers the Great Northern Railway and successors Burlington Northern and Amtrak. Most photographs in color and black and white are of the classic orange and green equipment. Burlington Route and SP&S locomotives power the trains in a number of photographs. There are quite a few photographs of 'Big Sky Blue' equipment and a few BN green and Amtrak photographs finish out the book. There are many consists listed with specific dates to help the model railroaders make accurate consists. Advertising reproductions are also included.

Great Northern Railway Postwar Transcontinental Passenger Trains is filled with hundreds of never before published colorful and sharp b&w photographs. Also included is operations of Great Northern through passenger trains on the CB&Q (Burlington Route), Spokane, Portland & Seattle Railway, and later Burlington Northern, followed by Amtrak operations of former Great Northern trains as well as Pacific Northwest passenger operations during the 1970s.

This incredible title has it all, including actual locomotive and car consists plus photos with extensive, and knowledgeable captions, and a handy index. Great Northern Railway's passenger trains offered the finest as does this new 210 page title. Great Northern Railway's Empire Builder, Oriental Limited and Western Star are the headliners, however secondary trains such as the Fast Mail and connecting trains are also featured. There are chapters of detours on other railroads due to blizzards and floods. There are chapters featuring transportation to the 1962 Seattle Worlds Fair, and GN's 1966-1970 multi-colors era.

Bibliography, Acknowledgments, pp. 2-4;
Transition to Postwar Operations, pp. 5-12;
Mid-Century EMPIRE BUILDER and WESTERN STAR, pp. 42-63;
New Great Dome cars: 1955-1959, pp. 64-87;
Combinations and Revisions: 1960-1963, pp. 88-106;
Floods, Blizzards and Detours: 1964-1966, pp. 107-122;
Multi-Colors Era, pp. 123-148, pp. 123-148;
Burlington Northern's EMPIRE BUILDER and WESTERN STAR: March 1970 to April 1971, pp. 149-167;
Amtrak's Chicago - Pacific Northwest Service: The 1970s, pp. 168-201;
Epilogue, pp. 202-208.

Four Ways West Publications, 210 pages, 8.5 x 11 x .5 in., b&w and color photographs, advertising reproductions, specific train consists.

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