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Gulf, Mobile & Ohio: Illustrated Historical Reference
Gulf, Mobile & Ohio: Illustrated Historical Reference

Gulf, Mobile & Ohio: Illustrated Historical Reference

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Feature: hardcover
Feature: David M. Johnston
Feature: White River Productions, 2019
Manufacturer Number: 978-1932804546

This title is filled with photographs, captions and text. The work of many photographers from north to south contributed to make this title a nice book. A number of maps augment the text. A few, much older photographs in the Black-and-White era are presented, but 95% of the photographs and illustrations are in Color. There are quite a few depot scenes, too. This is a good 'overview' title of this former, important American railroad.

The GM&O and predecessors operated many passenger trains, and they are seen here, including plenty of "Doodlebug" photos. Roster data for all equipment is included, but the text is so small you will need a ruler-type magnifier to preserve your eyesight. Doesn't White River know their audience? Make the text larger even if that means adding a few pages to the book.

This new title is three books in one. First, it's a history book that covers the development of the postwar GM&O railroad through the mergers of Gulf, Mobile & Northern, Mobile & Ohio, and The Alton Railroad. Second, it's a handy reference book, with maps and equipment rosters and descriptions of passenger and freight operations. And third, it's a fine, entertaining trip over GM&O that you can sit back and savor, with pages of beautiful photographs and detailed descriptions.

Introduction, Foreword, pp. 5-7;
Founding and Capsule Histories, pp. 8-26;
Eastern Division - Chicagoland, pp. 27-51;
Eastern Division - The Old Alton Main Line, pp. 52-77;
Western Division to Kansas City, pp. 78-91;
Metro St. Louis - Missouri and Illinois, pp. 92-106;
Southern Region, Northern Division Main Line, 108-123;
Southern Division to Montgomery and Mobile, pp. 124-139;
Tennessee Division, pp. 140-159;
Alabama Division to Mobile via Union, Mississippi, pp. 160-175;
Louisiana Division to New Orleans, pp. 176-187;
Passenger and Freight Equipment, pp. 188-191;
Index, Epilogue, pg. 192.

White River Productions, hardcover, 192 pages on glossy paper, standard portrait format, with 200 photographs.

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