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Hand Brakes
Hand Brakes

Hand Brakes

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Simmons-Boardman Books, 2006

Here's diagrams, data, and rules which apply to rail car hand brakes.

Contains the specific sections of the Interchange Rules, Code of Federal Regulations for Railroad Safety Appliance Standards and the AAR Open Top Loading Rules which pertain to handbrakes.

Introduction, History, Brake Terms, pp. 1-4;
Hand Brake Illustrations, pp. 5-20;
Safety Tips, pp. 21-23;
AAR Interchange Rules, pp. 24-40;
AAR Open Top Loading Rules, pp. 41-42;
Code of Federal Regulations, pp. 43-56.

Simmons-Boardman Books, paperback, 60 pages, standard small format 8.5 x 5.5 in., diagrams, tables, text.

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