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  6. Hawaiian Railway Album WWII Photographs (Vol.s 1-4 in hardcover)
Hawaiian Railway Album WWII Photographs (Vol.s 1-4 in hardcover)
Hawaiian Railway Album WWII Photographs (Vol.s 1-4 in hardcover)

Hawaiian Railway Album WWII Photographs (Vol.s 1-4 in hardcover)

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It's been more than five years since Volume 1 has been introduced and it has since sold out, along with Volume 2. Rather than reprint each Volume individually, TRP (The Railroad Press) has reprinted the four Volumes together in one book.

This limited edition hardcover has 272 pages and contains all of the great photographs, maps, text, diagrams and rosters from the four Volumes of Hawaiian Railway Album WWII Photographs by Gale Treiber!

The first two chapters include mostly steam engines such as Mikados, Ten-Wheelers, Consolidations, but also has center cab diesel-electrics, passenger cars, motorcars, freight cars, cabooses, and a fully-loaded 15-stall roundhouse! There's and ORL roster plus maps of Honolulu and the OR&L shop complex are included, plus 13 maps of the railroad's main line. Nearly every one of OR&L steam locomotives is pictured in this book, along with both of their center cab diesels!

The third chapter features the railway systems of the Honolulu Plantation Co., Oahu Sugar Co., Ewa Plantation Co., Waianae Sugar Co., Waialua Agricultural Co., Kahuku Plantation Co., and the Waimanalo Sugar Co. There are also seven rosters and two full-page maps showing the railroads on Oahu in the 1940s.

The final chapter features plantation railroads on Kauai, Maui and the Big Island of Hawaii, plus 19 rosters, a detailed map of Kauai and photographs from Victor Norton's return home after the War. Photographs include the Port of Nawiliwili, Ahukini wharf, loading operations out in the field, cane flumes, sugar mills, rare diesels and lots of steam!

World War II buffs will enjoy these photographs taken by servicemen stationed in Hawaii in the 1940s.

Ch. 1: The Oahu Railway and Land Company, Limited, in Honolulu, pp. 3-58;
Ch. 2: Along the Main Lines of the Oahu Railway & Land Co. and The Hawaii Consolidated Railway, pp. 59-132;
Ch. 3: Plantation Railways on Oahu, pp. 133-204;
Ch. 4: Plantation Railways on Kauai and the Remaining Islands, pp. 205-266;
Epilogue: Going Home, pp. 267-270;
About the Author, pp. 271-272.

The Railroad Press, hardcover, 272 pages, standard portrait book 10 x 8 in., B&W photographs, maps, diagrams and equipment rosters.

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