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Interurban Locomotives From General Electric
Interurban Locomotives From General Electric

Interurban Locomotives From General Electric

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Feature: softcover
Feature: Joseph A. Strapac
Feature: Shade Tree Books, 2004
Manufacturer Number: 978-0930742270

This is the companion volume to Interurban Electric Locomotive: From Baldwin-Westinghouse addressing the competing General Electric product. GE and BLW-Westinghouse were direct competitors in the sale of electric freight locomotives to the interurban railway industry-an economic segment that was essentially dead and gone by the onset of World War II. Even though the market for these motors was small, rugged construction, reliability and low-mileage operations allowed these locomotives to outlast many of their original owners-the under-capitalized and poorly constructed interurban electric railways.

As was the case with most non-steam locomotive builders, there was no concept of a model or a class to organize the description of the locomotives. The author has made up his own classification based upon the external physical appearance and not by electrical specifications.

Ch. 1: Introduction, pp. 4-17;
Ch. 2: The Pioneers, 1893-1906, pp. 18-27;
Ch. 3: Built by ALCO, 1906-1913, pp. 28-29;
Ch. 4: Boxcabs, pp. 30-39;
Ch. 5: Articulated Trucks, pp. 40-59;
Ch. 6: Arch-Bar Trucks, pp. 60-65;
Ch. 7: Built by Erie, 1913-1936, pp. 66-85;
Ch. 8: Inside-Frame Trucks, pp. 86-89;
Ch. 9: Four-Wheelers, pp. 90-95;
Ch. 10: Post-1936: New Outlines, pp. 96-105;
Ch. 11: Latin America, pp. 106-113;
Ch. 12: Numeric Production List, pp. 114-128.

Shade Tree Books, softcover, 128 pages, standard portrait book 8 x 10 in., B&W photographs and roster information.

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