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Kansas City Diesel Power Review: 1995-2002 DVD
Kansas City Diesel Power Review: 1995-2002 DVD

Kansas City Diesel Power Review: 1995-2002 DVD

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Feature: Charles Smiley Presents
Feature: Charles Smiley Presents
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Visit Kansas City and surrounding areas, before all the great rail mergers of the 90s! See trains from many different roads, with detailed maps and narration on how trains moved thru the KC area. Visit Santa Fe Junction, Airline Junction and the "Highline Bridge"! View run-down industrial backdrops with trains moving thru "the West Bottoms". Many transfers and locals are shown from Santa Fe, Gateway Western, Soo Line, Union Pacific and Kansas City Southern!

There is also plenty of beautiful countryside settings, and fast running outside of the city, with trains moving at full track speed with multiple engines wide open. You will see a variety of motive power that is long gone from mainline service today, including early General Electric and EMD locomotives. We show many scenes before the 1996 formal merger, and then contrast scenes shot in 2000 to show the many changes.

Watch the newer units taking over, many being the very last orders of engines and models, from these fallen flag railroads. Fine examples of C&NW AC-4400 Operation Lifesaver Units, SP/SSW GP-60s/SD-45s, and sparkling clean varieties of Santa Fe painted Warbonnets. These include Dash-8-40B, and C-44-9 models, Cowl SDP-45s, SD-70s and standard and cabless GP-60s. Rarer blue and yellow painted SD-39, GP-40X, GP-50 and GP-9U and GP-7U models are also highlighted.

Norfolk Southern's ex Wabash Route is explained and many trains show up from them in this movie. Union Pacific and Burlington Northern also both make their presence felt, with fine examples of big power on heavy coal and drag freights! The route of the Kansas City Southern is mapped out, and we see some road freights and locals from them as well!

Don't miss the last great stand for these fine American Railroads, before everything changed forever!

Charles Smiley Presents, 1 hour 52 minutes, color, sound and narration.

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