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Kansas City Southern in the Deramus Era
Kansas City Southern in the Deramus Era

Kansas City Southern in the Deramus Era

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Feature: hardcover
Feature: Louis A. Marre and Gregory J. Sommers
Feature: Withers Publishing, 1999
Manufacturer Number: 978-1881411147

Kansas City Southern has always been an unusual property, and this book examines some of the qualities that made it so. Its focus is on the period during which KCS was managed by three generations of the same family, a period that might be called the Deramus Era. This book is not a study of management or of financial affairs, but rather of motive power and train operations.

The heart of this book is the diesel age, but the age of steam that preceded it (and co-existed with it for 15 years) is covered, too. KCS introduced the streamliner to its service territory, and the premier Southern Belle gets pilot-to-markers coverage. Included is a full steam and a full diesel roster to support the story of KCS's motive power and the trains it pulled - and occasionally pushed - in the Deramus Era. A four-page color section and two pages of photographs of KCS bus and trucking equipment round out this book.

A Short History of the KCS before 1939, pp. 9-12;
A Brief History of the Louisiana and Arkansas, pp. 13-16;
A Brief History of the LR&N Co., pp. 17-22;
The Kansas & Missouri Railway & Terminal Co., pg. 23;
The Kansas City Southern in the Deramus Era, pp. 24-31;
The Joint Agency, pp. 32-33;
The KCS in its Centennial Year, pp. 34-41;
KCS Steam Power, pp. 42-65;
The ALCO Experience, pp. 66-68;
The Baldwin Experience, pp. 69-70;
Opposed Pistons - What Could Go Wrong', pp. 71-80;
E for Experimental - E for Everyday, pp. 81-95;
Streamlined Hospitality, pp. 96-107;
F is for Frugal, pp. 108-121;
EMD Road-Switchers, pp. 122-132;
EMD Switchers, pp. 133-143;
Slugs, pp. 144-147;
The Six-Motor Experience, pp. 148-159;
Demonstrations and Proposals, pp. 160-161;
Leases In and Leases Out, pg. 162;
Appendix A: LR&N, L&A and LA&T Steam Roster, pp. 163-175;
Appendix B: Business Cars, pg. 176;
Appendix C: Facilities, pp. 181-198;
Appendix D: KCS Auxiliary Enterprises, pp. 199-201;
Appendix E: KCS/L&A Diesel Roster, pp. 202-212;
Appendix F: Locomotive Ownership Time Chart, pp. 213-215;
Appendix G: Assignment and Condition of Locomotives, pp. 216-224;
Appendix H: KCS in Color, pp. 225-228;
Index, pp. 229-232.

Withers Publishing, hardcover with jacket, 232 pages, standard portrait book 8 x 10 in., B&W photographs, color photo sections, steam and diesel locomotive rosters.

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