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Kansas City Street Scenes
Kansas City Street Scenes

Kansas City Street Scenes

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Feature: softcover
Feature: Ken Davis
Feature: Outer Station Project, 2009
Manufacturer Number: 978-1891402289

Here is a nice picture book about the Kansas City Public Service streetcars used during the 1940s and 50s. Extensive captions make this more than a picture book.

Of the 64 pages in this book, 39 pages are in color. Most Color photographs are of the PCC cars operated by KCPS, but also 2 pages show the freight motors including a large one page color photograph of Motor #1. Four 4 pages of KCPS work cars are in color.

Two pages of older cars are in color but the early efforts of color photography and film preservation make for some less than sharp images. Included is a roster of KSPS PCC cars operated in Philadelphia on PTC and SEPTA.

Outer Station Project, softcover, 64 pages, standard landscape book 10 x 8 in., Black-and-White and Color photographs.

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