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Kansas City Streetcars: From Hayburners to Streamliners

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Feature: Edward A. Conrad
Feature: Heartland Rails, 2011
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When it came to rail-based mass transit, Kansas City had it all. From the first horse car to the last streetcar, the KC transit scene was replete with every type of public transit during its 88 years of existence-horse cars, cable cars, steam dummies, and a host of electric streetcars from primitive, home-built sparkers lurching over unpaved streets to sleek, modern PCCs gliding along miles of private right-of-way.

Early Kansas City, pp. 11-16;
Independent and Consolidated Horse Cars Lines, pp. 17-26;
MSRy Horse and Cable Car Lines, pp. 27-56;
Independent Streetcar Lines, pp. 57-64;
The MSRy Years (1886-1911), pp. 65-94;
Receivership to KCRy Reorganization (1911 to 1916), pp. 95-116;
The MSRy Streetcar Lines (1916-1921), pp. 117-176;
Receivership to KCRy Reorganization, pp. 177-182;
The KCRy Years(1916-1921), pp. 183-198;
Receivership to KCPS Reorganization (1921-1925), pp. 199-208;
The KCPS Years (1925 to 1969), pp. 209-232;
What's Left, pp. 233-238;
Horse and Cable Lines as Operated, pp. 239-240;
Streetcar Lines as Operated, pp. 241-282;
Freight Operations, pp. 283-294;
Fares, Schedules and Stops, pp. 295-308;
Wages and Benefits, pp. 309-310;
Accidents, pp. 311-314;
Proposed Lines, pp. 315-318;
Roster of Passenger Rolling Stock, pp. 319-360;
Roster of Utility Rolling Stock, pp. 361-380;
Structures, pp. 381-406;
Bibliography, pp. 407-410;
Index, pp. 411-416.

More than 400 photographs and artwork, over 80 easy-to-read maps make this a thorough book about the history of Kansas City's streetcar lines.

Heartland Rails Publishing Co., hardcover, 416 pages, 8.5 x 11 x 1.5 in., B&W photographs and maps.

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