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Miniature Garden Guidebook
Miniature Garden Guidebook

Miniature Garden Guidebook

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Feature: softcover
Feature: Nancy Norris
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Manufacturer Number: 978-0890247778

Here's your guide to a beautiful "mini" landscape.

This book is for the gardener working with miniature plants in specialized landscapes and planters. It is certain to make your "mini" garden planning more effective and your plantings more successful.

Learn more about the special needs of miniature plants, selecting the perfect plant for each setting, understanding hardness zones, and applying the right watering, fertilization and pruning techniques.

Part 1: Mini-Habitats
Introduction, pp. 4-5;
Gallery of miniature gardens, pp. 6-11;
"Zoning" laws for climate compatibility, pp. 12-14;
Part 2: Creating Living Landscapes
Design your mini-garden: principles of design, theme ideas, site evaluation, pp. 15-21;
Massing plants to frame a focal point, pp. 22-25;
Color me context, pp. 26-31;
Easy access into your garden, pp. 32-35;
Mini-plant care: fertilization, cultivation, irrigation, propagation and maintenance, pp. 36-44;
Prune trees for a scale appearance, pp. 45-47;
Part 3: Plant Selection
Annuals for color and contrast, 48-51;
Aquatics have wet feet, pp. 52-57;
Cascading trees and the rocks that support them, pp. 58-61;
Deserts need succulents, pp. 62-65;
Drought-resistant plants and practices to reduce water usage, pp. 66-70;
Invite critters into your railway, pp. 71-76;
Isolate your garden from nuisance nibblers, pp. 77-83;
Grass-like miniatures, pp. 84-89;
Junipers to appreciate, pp. 90-95;
Low-down groundcovers, pp. 96-101;
Micro-miniature trees and shrubs, pp. 102-107;
Appendices: Bibliography, Online links, Miniature gardens you can visit, Online nurseries, Glossary, About the author.

Kalmbach Publishing, softcover, 112 pages, 8.25 x 10.75 x .25 in., Color photographs.

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