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Minneapolis & St. Louis In Color
Minneapolis & St. Louis In Color

Minneapolis & St. Louis In Color

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Feature: hardcover with jacket
Feature: Gene Green
Feature: 1996
Manufacturer Number: 978-1878887658

Mostly assembled from a number of local roads, the M&StL, begun in 1870, finally lived up to its true potential as a bridge line around the congested Chicago terminals for a brief fifteen years right after World War Two. The M&StL, known as the Peoria Gateway line, was probably best known for the various paint schemes of its locomotives and for the red and white billboard boxcars.

This book, consisting of over 240 Color photographs, takes us on a tour of the M&StL in the exciting decade of the Fifties when the road was at its best and then into the early years of C&NW ownership and gradual change. We'll see first-generation diesels in a bewildering variety of paint schemes and also see the last bit of steam. Come along for a look at Modern & Streamlined railroading on the M&StL.

Roster, pp. 6-7;
Minneapolis and Cedar Lake Shops, pp. 8-11;
Albert Lea, pp. 12-15;
Joint Trackage, pp. 16-19;
Steam, pp. 20-23;
Mason City, pp. 24-37;
Rockwell to Albion, pp. 38-43;
Marshalltown, pp. 44-51;
Grinnell, pp. 52-57;
New Sharon and Newton Branch, pp. 58-59;
Oskaloosa, pp. 60-68;
Albia, pp. 69-70;
Brighton and Olds, pg. 71;
Morning Sun, pp. 72-77;
Monmouth, Middle Grove and Hanna, pp. 78-79;
Peoria, pp. 80-87;
Albert Lea to Des Moines, pp. 88-105;
Winthrop to Gilmore City, pp. 106-111;
ALCO RS1s of Many Colors, pp. 112-117;
Gas Electrics with Caterpillar Diesels, pp. 118-123;
Epilogue and Reflections, pp. 124-128.

Hardcover with jacket, 128 pages, standard portrait size, Color images with captions.

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