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Model Railroad Bridges and Trestles Vol. 2
Model Railroad Bridges and Trestles Vol. 2

Model Railroad Bridges and Trestles Vol. 2

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Feature: softcover
Feature: Jeff Wilson
Feature: Kalmbach Publishing, 2012
Manufacturer Number: 978-0890245965

An overview of different types of bridges, trestles, and tunnels, featuring prototype information and modeling projects.

Chapters on tunnel, snow shed, and overpass construction are included.

Introduction, pp. 4-5;
Bridge Basics, pp. 6-11;
Light-duty Pile Trestle, pp. 12-14;
Bridges on an N scale Levee, pp. 15-20;
Santa Fe's T-rail Trestle, pp. 21-23;
Model a Large Concrete Culvert, pp. 24-27;
Modeling Culverts, pp. 28-33;
3 Common Culverts, pp. 34-39;
Model a Concrete Bridge with Cement, pp. 40-41;
Plate-girder Bridge in N scale, pp. 42-45;
Heavy-duty HO Plate-girder Deck Bridge, pp. 46-49;
Modeling a Highway Underpass, pp. 50-53;
Modern Highway Overpass, pp. 54-55;
1950 Highway Overpass, pp. 56-57;
Wood-deck Pony Truss Highway Bridge, pp. 58-59;
Building a River Crossing, pp. 60-63;
Build a Stone Arch Overpass in HO scale, pp. 64-65;
Pin-connected Through Truss Bridge, pp. 66-69;
Kitbash an Offset Swing Bridge in HO scale, pp. 70-75;
Build an 'Uncovered' Covered Bridge, pp. 76-77;
Lyon Brook Viaduct, pp. 78-82;
How to Build a Viaduct, pp. 83-87.

Kalmbach Publishing, softcover, 88 pages, 8.25 x 10.75 x .25 in., 75 Color photographs, 100 black & white photographs, 15 illustrations.

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