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Norfolk & Western Second Generation Diesels
Norfolk & Western Second Generation Diesels

Norfolk & Western Second Generation Diesels

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Feature: hardcover
Feature: Paul K. Withers and Robert G. Bowers
Feature: Withers Publishing, 1989
Manufacturer Number: 978-0961850326

This book covers second-generation diesel power that was on the roster from September, 1955 through December, 1982 and provides an overview of this power during the Norfolk & Western's last years of existence. The term second-generation is used to denote locomotives built from the early 1960s onward.

Second-generation locomotives began, in the case of Electro-Motive Division, with the introduction of the GP20 model;
with General Electric, the introduction of the U25B;
and ALCO's introduction of the Century series of locomotives. Exceptions to this guideline are the chapters on switchers and slugs.

Most, but not all, photographs are limited to the time period covered. Includes roster, dispositions, lettering diagrams and color photo section.

Ch. 1: Motive Power History, pp. 6-14;
Switchers, pp. 15-43;
B-B EMD Road-Switchers, pp. 44-84;
C-C EMD Road-Switchers, pp. 85-134;
B-B General Electric Road-Switchers, pp. 135-153;
C-C General Electric Road-Switchers, pp. 154-172;
B-B ALCO Road-Switchers, pp. 173-186;
C-C ALCO Road-Switchers, pp. 187-198;
C-C Slugs, pp. 199-207;
Passenger Locomotives (F40PH), pg. 208;
Norfolk & Western in Color: Ch. 11: Paint Schemes, pp. 225-248;
Dispositions, pp. 249-256.

Withers Publishing, hardcover with jacket, 256 pages, standard portrait book 8 x 10 in., B&W and Color photographs, roster.

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