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Northern Pacific Engines of Growth 1887-1905
Northern Pacific Engines of Growth 1887-1905

Northern Pacific Engines of Growth 1887-1905

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Feature: hardcover
Feature: Lorenz P. Schrenk and Robert L. Frey
Feature: Monad Publications, 2012
Manufacturer Number: 978-1932804157

Only 500 copies of this book have been printed and it will not be re-printed.

This book completes a series of five books by the same authors documenting the history of the Northern Pacific Railroad and its locomotives. This new Volume focuses on the railroad's dramatic and turbulent period from New York through 1905. During these years the railroad over-expanded, went into bankruptcy, was sold at public auction, and finally was re-organized as the new Northern Pacific Railway.

The years covered in this Volume saw the rapid development in railroad technology. This included heavier and more powerful locomotives, better track, the adoption of airbrake systems, and the introduction of much improved couplers. Trains grew longer and traffic loads increased. During this period the NP was a leader in experimenting with compound locomotives in which steam was recycled to save on fuel costs.

This Volume is illustrated with over 200 vintage photographs. The appendix includes a complete list of the locomotives the railroad acquired during the years New York-1905. It also contains diagrams of each of the new locomotive classes of this period and describes the paint schemes used by the railroad.

Preface, pp. 4-7;
The Northern Pacific Railroad Before 1887, pp. 7-20;
Years of Expansion: 1887-1891, pp. 21-40;
Decline and Collapse 1891-1896, pp. 41-66;
Moguls and Hogs: New York-1896, pp. 67-92;
Light Ten-Wheelers and Heavy Americans: New York-1896, pp. 93-108;
A New Beginning: 1896-1905, pp. 109-138;
Freight Ten-Wheelers: 1897-1907, pp. 139-160;
Passenger Ten-Wheelers: 1898-1907, pp. 161-176;
Mastodons and Consolidations: 1897-1905, pp. 177-200;
Switchers and Shays: 1897-1905, pp. 201-210;
Operating Divisions: 1888, 1997, pg. 211;
Numeric Locomotive Rosters, pp. 212-213;
Classes from Aborted Railroads, pp. 214-216;
Locomotive Data by Type and Class, pp. 217-235;
NP Painting Practices, pp. 236-238;
Locomotive and Tender Diagrams, pp. 239-244;
Acknowledgements, pg. 245;
Bibliographic Notes, pp. 246-251;
Index, pp. 252-256.

Monad Publications, hardcover with jacket, 256 pages, 8.75 x 11.5 x 1 in., B&W photographs and illustrations, 4 color plates.

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