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Northern Pacific Pioneer Steam Era
Northern Pacific Pioneer Steam Era

Northern Pacific Pioneer Steam Era

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Feature: hardcover
Feature: Lorenz P. Schrenk and Robert L. Frey
Feature: Grenadier Publications, 2010
Manufacturer Number: 978-1932804096

This book is more than a book about the first locomotives of the Northern Pacific Railway, it is an early history of the line for it's first two decades of existence.

Included with this early history are the first locomotives of the NP, the reasons for their purchase, their operating assignments, and the problems the company experienced with them. There are many illustrations (not all locomotives) and extensive text. This is not another picture book with captions.

Introduction, Preface, pp. 3-8;
Railroad to the Pacific: Before the First Spike, pp. 11-26;
The Mechanical Department, pp. 27-32;
The Locomotive Class and Numbering System, pp. 33-42;
East and West: The Railroad Begins 1870-1879, pp. 43-74;
The Northern Pacific's First Locomotives: 1870-1879, pp. 75-100;
Completing the Mainline: 1879-New York, pp. 101-142;
The Standard Locomotives: 1879-New York, pp. 143-170;
The Experimental Engines: 1879-New York, pp. 171-182;
Expanding the Roster: 1879-New York, pp. 183-204;
Explanatory Notes, pp. 205-209;
Early NP Divisions, pg. 210;
Locomotive Service Facilities, pp. 211-224;
Numeric Locomotive Rosters, pp. 225-226;
Locomotive Data by Type and Class, pp. 227-238;
Locomotive and Tender Diagrams, pp. 239-243;
Acknowledgments, Notes, Index, pp. 244-256.

Grenadier Publications/Monad Publications, hardcover with jacket, 256 pages, 8.75 x 11.5 x 1 in., B&W photographs and illustrations, 4 color plates.

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