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Northern Pacific Supersteam Era: 1925-1945
Northern Pacific Supersteam Era: 1925-1945

Northern Pacific Supersteam Era: 1925-1945

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Feature: hardcover
Feature: Robert L. Frey and Lorenz P. Schrenk
Feature: Golden West Books, 1985
Manufacturer Number: 978-0870950926

This book tells the fascinating story of the development and operation of the Northern Pacific's most powerful and advanced steam locomotives. Making extensive use of the corporate records of the railroad, as well as interviews with former Mechanical Department employees, the authors document the life of the Northern Pacific's trend-setting 4-8-4, 2-8-8-4 and 4-6-6-4 steam locomotives.

Several of the country's finest railroad photographers-Ronald Nixon, Warren McGee, Phil Hastings and Henry R. Griffiths, Jr., to name a few-contributed photographs for this book. Other illustrations came from private and public collections, including those of the Burlington Northern Railroad, Inc., the inheritor of Northern Pacific's legacy.

This is a book which will appeal to rail enthusiasts, railroad historians, students of locomotive technology and anyone whose pulse quickens at the sight and sound of a giant steam locomotive.

Preface, pp. 6-10;
The Northern Pacific Before 1925, pp. 11-28;
The Route of the Northern Pacific, pp. 29-46;
Northern Pacific Railway History: 1925-1945, pp. 47-76;
The Quest for More Horsepower: 1926-1930 (The Northern and Yellowstone), pp. 77-106;
Modern Passenger Locomotives-The 4-8-4s-Classes A-1 to A-5, pp. 107-150;
Modern Freight Locomotives: Classes Z-6, Z-7 and Z-8, pp. 151-188;
Epilogue, pp. 189-190;
Appendix, pp. 191-192;
Explanatory Notes, pp. 193-194;
Northern Pacific Trackage by State or Province, pp. 195-197;
Summary Roster of Northern Pacific Steam Locomotives, pp. 198-199;
Northern Pacific Railway Numerical Locomotive Roster, pp. 200-202;
Locomotive Roster by Class, pp. 203-207;
Northern Pacific Locomotive Painting and Lettering Practice 1925-1945, pp. 208-209;
Northern Pacific Locomotive Profiles, pp. 210-213;
Bibliographical Notes, pp. 214-218;
Acknowledgments, pp. 219-220;
Index, pp. 221-226.

Golden West Books, hardcover with jacket, 226 pages, standard portrait book 10 x 8 in., more than 235 illustrations, maps, diagrams and locomotive rosters.

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