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Ogden Rails
Ogden Rails

Ogden Rails

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Feature: hardcover
Feature: Don Strack
Feature: Union Pacific Historical Society, 2005
Manufacturer Number: 978-1932704044

The Union Pacific Historical Society and Don Strack are proud to announce that they have collaborated to republish Dons Ogden Rails book of 1977 in a new and considerably expanded, redesigned format. Compared to the original 96-page vertical format, softcover book, the new edition is a 172 pp., hardcover in a 11 x 8.5 horizontal format. It contains 217 photographs, with 75 in color, along with 24 maps, including a double-page full color map of the Ogden facilities in 1969.

Ogden Rails is the history of the railroads in Ogden, Utah from 1869 to today. It starts with the early Union Pacific and associated feeder railroads, the Utah Central, Utah Northern, and Oregon Short Line. The Central Pacific and Southern Pacific are covered as well as the Denver & Rio Grande Western and Ogden Union Railway & Depot Company.

Union Pacific coverage continues through the mergers to current day activities. Coverage is also included of the electric and interurban railroads, The Bamberger and Utah Idaho Central, until their shut down following World War II. The Utah State Railroad Museum at Ogden Union Station is also presented in photographs and text.

Chapters: Introduction, pp. 7-10;
Ch. 1: The Transcontinental Railroad, pp. 11-20;
Ch. 2: Union Pacific Expansion, pp. 21-30;
Ch. 3: Denver & Rio Grande Western, pp. 31-36;
Ch. 4: The Ogden Union Railway & Depot Co., pp. 37-42;
Ch. 5: Ogden Terminal in the 20th Century, pp. 43-88;
Ch. 6: Union Pacific Facilities & Improvements, pp. 89-110;
Ch: 7: Southern Pacific Facilities and Improvements, pp. 111-124;
Ch. 8: Street Railroads and Interurbans, pp. 125-148;
Ch. 9: Recent Ogden Operations, pp. 149-166;
Epilogue, Bibliography, Index.

Union Pacific Historical Society, hardcover, 172 pages, standard landscape book 10 x 8 in., B&W and Color photographs, maps.

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