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Pacific Fruit Express (Second Edition)
Pacific Fruit Express (Second Edition)

Pacific Fruit Express (Second Edition)

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Feature: hardcover
Feature: Anthony W. Thompson
Feature: Signature Press, 2000
Manufacturer Number: 978-1930013032

The product of six years of research by each of the authors, this book is a must for the historian and serious modeler. Covered in detail are PFE's company history, management organization, turn of the century predecessor refrigerator cars, all classes of wood and steel ice refrigerator cars, mechanical refrigerators, trailers, flat cars and containers, car repair shops, natural ice and manufactured ice plants, western agricultural development and produce shipping, and an album of PFE in action across America, along with an appendix of 34 pages, a fully detailed bibliography, and an index.

The book has been re-issued as a second edition. A number of corrections and additions were made in the text, and improved photographs were included in some cases, the total number of corrected pages is about 100. Furthermore, 56 new color images, as well as tabular equipment summaries, were also added, bringing 32 new pages to the book. In all, about a third of the pages in the new edition are new or revised. There are now 744 total photographs in the book (64 in color), along with 52 drawings, maps, and other graphics. A triple-width foldout map of the PFE system by cartographer John Signor is retained.

Table of Contents:
Introduction and acknowledgments;
Section I - The Company;
Ch. 1: Company History;
Ch. 2: Company Organization;
Section II -The Car Fleet;
Ch. 3: PFE's Predecessors;
Ch. 4: The Early Wood Cars;
Ch. 5: PFE's Roaring Twenties;
Ch. 6: New Directions;
Ch. 7: Rebuilding the Fleet;
Ch. 8: The Steel Ice Cars;
Ch. 9: Mechanical Refrigerators;
Ch. 10: Flat Cars and Trailers;
Section III - Operations;
Ch. 11: Car Shops;
Ch. 12: Natural Ice Plants;
Ch. 13: Ice Manufacturing and Ice Transfer Plants;
Ch. 14: Western Perishables;
Ch. 15: PFE in Action;
Appendix: System Map (foldout);
Index. 52 maps and drawings, 744 photographs.

Signature Press, hardcover with jacket, 432 pages, 9 x 11.5 x 2 in., B&W and Color photographs and illustrations.

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