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Pennsy Electric Years Vol. 2
Pennsy Electric Years Vol. 2

Pennsy Electric Years Vol. 2

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Feature: hardcover with jacket
Feature: Bert Pennypacker
Feature: 2001
Manufacturer Number: 978-1582480725

This book is a tour of Pennsy's famed Eastern Seaboard Electrification which embraced 674 route miles, with 2200 total miles of catenaries hung over all tracks. Its onetime fleet of 267 Electric Locomotive included 139 GG1 motors and 92 of the P5a type, plus more than 500 multiple-unit passenger cars. Each year they piled up fantastic mileage figures, including 125 million passenger train miles, 7.3 million freight locomotive miles and 50 million m.u. car miles. These are 1940 figures when phenomenal increases were the result of World War II.

The whole electric operation might have been termed as a railroad within a railroad. Beginning at Sunnyside Yard and ending with coverage of the Low-grade Freight Lines this book features some of the best color photography of the Pennsylvania's great electrified operations.

Pennsy's Catenary Empire, pp. 3-5;
Sunnyside Yard, pp. 6-7;
New York Division, pp. 8-47;
Philadelphia Terminal Division, pp. 48-57;
Maryland Division, pp. 58-71
Philadelphia Terminal Division (2), pp. 72-77;
Philadelphia Division, 78-95;
Low-grade Freight Lines, pp. 96-112;
Chronological Epilogue, pp. 113-125;
Honoring the GG1, pp. 126-127;
GG1 Sunset, pg. 128.

Hardcover with jacket, 128 pages, standard portrait size, Color images with captions.

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