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Pennsy Steam Years Vol. 2
Pennsy Steam Years Vol. 2

Pennsy Steam Years Vol. 2

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Feature: hardcover with jacket
Feature: Ian S. Fischer
Feature: 1997
Manufacturer Number: 978-1878887870

A division-by-division look back at the rugged steam power of the Pennsy. Lots of action in the state of Pennsylvania as well as some great early 1950s color from Ohio and Indiana. There's even a 1941 action shot of K4s 5399 equipped with poppet valves!

New York Division, pp. 6-8;
New York & Long Branch, pp. 9-17;
Philadelphia Terminal Division, pp. 18-20;
Atlantic Division, pp. 21-29;
Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines, pp. 30-33;
Maryland Division, pg. 34;
Philadelphia Division, pp. 35-38;
Wilkes-Barre Division, pp. 39-45;
Williamsport Division, pp. 46-60;
Middle Division, pp. 61-88;
Pittsburgh Division, pp. 89-96;
Conemaugh Division, pg. 97;
Fort Wayne Division, pp. 98-99;
Chicago Terminal Division, pp. 100-102;
Panhandle Division, pg. 103;
Columbus Division, pg. 104;
Toledo Division, pp. 105-114;
Logansport Division, pp. 115-124;
Cincinnati Division, pg. 125;
Indianapolis Division, pp. 126-127;
St. Louis Division, pg. 128.

Hardcover with jacket, 128 pages, standard portrait size, Color images with captions.

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