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Pennsylvania Railroad: Shamokin Branch Ore Trains and Coal Mines

Pennsylvania Railroad: Shamokin Branch Ore Trains and Coal Mines

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This is one huge book on the Pennsylvania Railroad's 28-mile long Shamokin, Pennsylvania branch. The construction of this line was to tap the Anthracite coal in the region. The book is not just about the rail line, but the region, coal mining, labor and changes in ownership.

At 815 pages, this is not a picture book even though there are many photographs, track diagrams, illustrations and tables. Most photographs are in black & white because of the historical text but some color photographs of the last of Pennsylvania steam power and modern times are included. There is a large photograph section towards the end of the book with large photographs of one per page with captions.

Included is a Reference DVD on the inside back cover with maps, illustrations and ICC valuations.

Preface, pp. 1-6;
Geography and Geology, pp. 7-14;
Anthracite: Birth of an Industry, pp. 15-16;
Danville & Pottsville Railroad: The Formative Years, pp. 17-30;
Danville & Pottsville Railroad: Eastern and Western Sections, pp. 31-60;
Danville & Pottsville: Operations and Epilogue, pp. 61-70;
The Horse Years, pp. 71-76;
Philadelphia & Sunbury Railroad, pp. 77-136;
Shamokin Valley & Pottsville Railroad, pp. 137-156;
Northern Central Railway: Shamokin Division, pp. 157-182;
Northern Central Railway: The 1870s, pp. 183-204;
Pitch Pine and Prop Timber, pp. 205-210;
The 1880s, pp. 211-220;
The Mining Towns, pp. 221-236;
The 1890s, pp. 237-246;
The Glory Years, pp. 247-254;
The Branches, pp. 255-268;
The Strike, pp. 269-272;
Shamokin & Mount Carmel Transit Company, pp. 273-284;
Twentieth Century: Early Years, pp. 285-294;
The Proposed Merger, pp. 295-302;
Northern Central Railway: The Last Years, pp. 303-316;
Mineral Railroad & Mining Company, pp. 317-338;
The Colleries, pp. 339-458;
The Pennsylvania Railroad Takes Over, pp. 459-476;
The USRA, pp. 477-480;
Journey up the Line: Sunbury to Weigh Scales, pp. 481-510;
Weigh Scales to Luke Fidler, pp. 511-528;
Luke Fidler to Mount Carmel, pp. 529-550;
PRR: 1920-1940, pp. 551-600;
Culm and Silt, pp. 601-626;
Strip Mining, pp. 627-630;
The Depression, pp. 631-638;
World War II, pp. 639-644;
The Ore Trains, pp. 645-744;
After the War, pp. 745-762;
PRR: The Last Years, pp. 763-770;
Penn Central Transportation Company, pp. 771-774;
Conrail, pp. 775-780;
Shamokin Valley Railroad, pp. 781-790;
Bibliography, pp. 791-798;
Appendix and Reference DVD Webappendix, pp. 799-805.

Daniel J. Marnell, hardcover, 815 pages plus appendix DVD, 8.75 x 11 x 2 in., black & white and color photographs and illustrations.

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