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Pennsylvania Railroad: Standard Railroad of the World
Pennsylvania Railroad: Standard Railroad of the World

Pennsylvania Railroad: Standard Railroad of the World

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Condition: New
Feature: hardcover with jacket
Feature: Jeremy F. Plant and Robert J. Yanosey
Feature: 1999
Manufacturer Number: 978-1582480176

This book is a celebration of the Pennsylvania Railroad and an attempt to show through color photography what set it apart from other American railroads. Some of the themes are superlatives: the most, the biggest, the best, in motive power, physical plant, rolling stock, employees. Others point to what was unique, characteristic, idiosyncratic, unforgettable: the Penny look, in equipment, stations, geography, operations. A final theme is history: what pictures point to the changes in the railroad and its environment that make us understand its decline and fall, from industry leadership to bankruptcy in the Penn Central debacle.

K4, pp. 6-7;
M1, pp. 8-9;
Il, pg. 10;
J1, pg. 11;
T1, pp. 12-15;
GG1, pp. 16-19;
P5, pp. 20-21;
Electric Switchers, pg. 22;
Freight Electrics, pg. 23;
E44, pp. 24-25;
Centipedes, pp. 26-27;
Passenger Sharks, pp. 28-29;
Freight Sharks, pg. 30-31;
Transfer Units, pg. 32;
Baldwin Switchers, pg. 33;
E-units, pp. 34-35;
F-units, pp. 36-37;
Geeps, pp. 38-40;
Second-Generation Diesels, pg. 41-43;
Critters, pg. 44;
New York City, pp. 45-47;
NY and Long Branch, pp. 48-55;
Diesels on the NY&LB, pp. 56-57;
Princeton, pp. 58-59;
Bel-Del Line, pp. 60-61;
Rail Motor Cars, pp. 62-63;
Camden, pp. 64-65;
Pemberton Branch, pp. 66-67;
Baldwins on the Pemberton Branch, pp. 68-70;
Atlantic City, pg. 71;
Philadelphia, pp. 72-73;
Army-Navy Games, pp. 74-75;
Philadelphia Commuter Scenes, pp. 76-77;
Wilmington, pp. 78-80;
Delmarva Line, pp. 81-82;
Washington, pp. 83-85;
Harrisburg, pp. 86-87;
Rockville Bridge, pp. 88-91;
Enola Yard, pp. 92-93;
Buffalo Line, pp. 94-97;
Canada, pp. 98-99;
Middle Division, pp. 100-103;
Horseshoe Curve, pp. 104-108;
F-units on the Mountain, pp. 109-111;
ALCOs on the Curve, pp. 112-113;
Atop the Mountain, pp. 114-115;
Conemaugh and Johnstown, pp. 116-119;
Pittsburgh, pp. 120-121;
The PRR in the Midwest, pp. 122-124;
Notre Dame Football Specials, pg. 125;
Western Terminals, pp. 126-127;
Pennsy People, pg. 128.

Hardcover with jacket, 128 pages, standard portrait size, Color images with captions.

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